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In 1956, Erling Berner brought European technology to the United States and formed Berner Industries, the foundation of today's Berner International Corporation, the first manufacturer of air doors/air curtains in the U.S.A. Headquartered in New Castle, Pennsylvania, Berner International combines state of the art equipment with highly skilled workers to produce the most efficient, cost effective, reliable air door/air curtain on the market.

Our strong commitment to listening to our customers and solving their problems has established Berner International as the leader in the market. Berner took the lead in approaching the other air door/air curtain manufacturers to work with A.M.C.A. (Air Movement Control Association) in developing a certified method of rating air door/air curtain performance. Product performance is critical, and at Berner we believe our customers deserve the best assurance that the product will perform as stated.

Berner International's continual growth is thru the leadership of Georgia Berner, president of the company since 1984. "Entrepreneur of the Year" is just one of the many awards Ms. Berner and her company has received during her 15 years of leadership. It is Georgia Berner who initiates and supports the "customer first" principle throughout the company.

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