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We look at some of the most common food and foodservice myths and find the facts!

Myth: The higher the BTU or wattage rating, the faster the unit cooks and recovers

Myth Crusher: The BTU or wattage rating is simply a rating of how many BTU’s or watts an appliance generates. It does not rate how many BTU’s are transferred into the product. Many other factors such as transfer efficiency, surface contact area, etc also affect how fast a piece of equipment cooks the product. The equipment that cooks the product in the desired amount of time at the lowest BTU’s or watts consumed is actually the most efficient piece of equipment for the customer. Check out our cooking units and other food service equipment.

Myth: The size of the ice bin should always be the same size as the ice maker

Myth Crusher:The ice bin is simply a device to hold extra ice for usage as needed. If a customer has higher demand for a couple days a week than the rest of the week, they should purchase a larger bin that allows their ice maker to accumulate extra ice for those peak days.

Myth: Stainless steel will not rust

Myth Crusher:There are many grades of stainless steel. All are rust resistant but in varying degrees. Anyone using acid based foods such as pickles, tomatoes, BBQ sauce, etc should always buy stainless steel that is 300 grade stainless steel to prevent rusting. 400 grade stainless steel has minimal rust resistance. For more information on stainless steel, check out our blog post!

Myth: The compressor horsepower rating indicates how fast refrigeration cools and recovers – a bigger compressor is better

Myth Crusher:The compressor is only one component of the refrigeration system. The efficiency of the system is also controlled by the evaporator type, evaporator size, refrigerant type, etc. "Oversized" compressors do nothing to make the system more efficient. A refrigeration system should be balanced to be most effective.

Myth: Anything cooked in a microwave tastes rubbery

Myth Crusher:Some microwaves 1700 watts and higher can steam foods just like a steamer. Most casual restaurant chains do all of their steaming of vegetables, fish, etc with high wattage "microsteamers". Controlling the amounts of microwave allow you to cook to the perfect consistency.

Myth: Microwaves are harmful.

Myth Crusher:Microwaves are actually less harmful than sunlight. On the electromagnetic spectrum, microwaves are closest to radio waves. Furthermore, all microwaves are thoroughly tested in the factory for microwave leakage before reaching the end-user.

Myth: Microwaves take nutrients out of vegetables.

Myth Crusher:When compared to boiling vegetables, far less water soluble nutrients leach out of the vegetables during microwave cooking.

Myth: Rational ovens are the same as all the other Combi Ovens; everything has to be programmed in.

Myth Crusher:The Rational SelfCooking Center uses intelligent cooking processes and will adjust time, temperature, fan speed and humidity once a second.

Myth:The Rational SelfCooking Center is too expensive to buy.

Myth Crusher:It replaces multiple pieces of equipment and reduces the hood, making the initial cost for a cooking line the same.

Myth: All slicers are the same.

Myth Crusher:Not all slicers are alike. When choosing a food slicer there are many things to consider: what type of product will be sliced (cheese, acidic products, frozen product), how many hours per day the slicer will be used, are you slicing to order or bulk slicing, what is the size of the product being sliced, and how important is the consistency of the slice?  Varimixer offers different slicer models to accommodate every slicing application.

Myth: Mixing Pizza Dough requires a "Pizza Dough Mixer"

Myth Crusher:While Varimixer does offer models, which are designed for mixing pizza dough, all Varimixers, from our 5 qt. through our 150 qt., are designed for heavy duty applications. Be sure to refer to our Mixer Capacity Chart to ensure you select the best mixer to accommodate your recipe and batch size.

Myth: When using a fryer, you can maximize production by filling the fry basket with product.

Myth Crusher:Filling the fry basket to the top actually decreases your production. When you completely fill the basket, not only does it take longer to cook but your recovery time in between batches is increased. These factors will significantly decrease your overall production. The proper procedure is to fill the fry basket 1/3 full. This will shorten your cook time and eliminate excess recovery in between the batches thus improving your overall productivity.


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