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Blendtec is the commercial blender division of K-TEC. Over 20 years ago K-TEC began making home grain mills. Success with the grain mill led to the development of a home bread mixer. A blender was incorporated into the design of the bread mixer and the combination proved to be a huge hit. As the smoothie revolution was heating up in 1995, blending companies turned to K-TEC. The blender was adapted for commercial use and soon took the commercial market by storm.

The commercial blender market has seen many changes in the recent past. Smoothies and frozen coffees are just the latest products to create their own market segment. Blendtec has joined with major retailers as well as local operations in providing the public with the best blended taste available. Today, Blendtec blenders are found worldwide.

Innovation and customer service are hallmark traits of Blendtec. Over 10 years ago Blendtec developed the first blender to use a microprocessor to govern the motor. No buttons, switches, or knobs. Later came the sound enclosure--another first. And just last year Blendtec introduced the first blender with programmability, auto-start and stop, and safety-interlock features. Blendtec leads the industry in innovation. A look at the followers proves Blendtec is years ahead of the pack.

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