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SESCO offers a huge selection of warewashing equipment for use in a wide variety of kitchen settings, including restaurants, and institutions. Top equipment and solutions are available from a number of reliable and reputable brands:


FAGOR INDUSTRIAL is a worldwide forerunner dedicated to providing commercial kitchen equipment for hotels, hospitals, schools, restaurants and many other sectors; specializing in commercial refrigeration and warewashing. 

Established in 1960, Fagor Industrial is currently a reference brand thanks to its range of solutions focused on professional needs.  Over the years, Fagor has continued to augment its array of products and services while striving for excellence as well as value.  At Fagor Industrial, their spirit of evolution has allowed them to be what they are today.  At Fagor, they are convinced this is the road to achievement, to continue learning and be motivated to grow and help our customers grow.


Insinger commercial dishwashers are based on the same philosophy that gives them their success with the military; durable, easy to clean, and simple to service. This philosophy remains their guiding principle. Their quality has earned them an international reputation. Learn more about Insinger Food Service Equipment.

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