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    Choosing the Correct INSINGER MODEL

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    Average Pieces per Place Setting Pieces    
    Number of Seats Seats     RL-30 Undercounter 30 Racks/Hour
        Commander 18-6 Door Type 60 Racks/Hour
    Number of Turns during Peak Hour Turns   Commander 18-6VG Door Type 40 Racks/Hour
      Admiral Series Conveyor Type 233 Racks/Hour
    Total Number of Pieces Pieces/Hour   Speeder Series Conveyor Type 277 Racks/Hour
      Super Series Conveyor Type 330 Racks/Hour
    Multiplier for Additional Items at 90% Pieces/Hour   Century 14 Flight Type 8,736 Dishes/Hour
      Master RC3 Flight Type 14,300 Dishes/Hour
    Efficiency Factor at 70%
    (Employee Efficiency, Kitchen Design, Flow)
    Pieces/Hour   Master RC4 Flight Type 18,300 Dishes/Hour
    Total Racks Per Hour Racks/Hour  

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