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The healthcare foodservice industry is flourishing!  Movements powering this growth are; individualized patient care, room service, culinary exploration, wellness and nutrition, green initiatives and the need for speed.

Hospitals, medical and aged care facilities require a wide range of food service equipment to allow them to follow these trends and cater to the unique needs of in-patients, day patients, staff and visitors.

SESCO understands healthcare foodservice facility environments and we proudly represent  manufacturers that place importance on innovative, durable and efficient food service equipment with emphasis on food quality and safety.

Medical facilities, both large and small, are embracing technological advancements of food preparation
equipment.  By doing so, they influencing the health and well-being of their patients.

SESCO has the knowledge to help discern the proper equipment for healthcare commercial kitchens... allowing foodservice departments the ability to meet the challenges of presenting expanded menu choices and great tasting food to achieve customer satisfaction!

Suggested Equipment

Listed below are just a few products that are essential to Healthcare commercial kitchens:

Blendtec®  Q-series Blenders - Provide power and performance while maintaining a sound sensitive atmosphere. Blenders blend ingredients to perfection.  Ideal for special-need menu items.  Click for more info

Ice-O-Matic Ice®  Machines - Ice-O-Matic’s Pearl and Flake ice is excellent for healthcare application.  Soft, chewable, long lasting ice that patients love. 

Rational SelfCookingCenter®  - Simple and intelligent.  Cook roasts to cookies!  SelfCookingControl®  uses sensors to detect size of products and load size and then controls the cooking process.  You can cook different size products at the same time to perfection.  A must for expanded menus!  Click here for solutions.

Silver King® - A complete line of refrigeration equipment.  Reach-ins, undercounters, prep tables, display merchandisers and milk dispensers.  Silver King...intelligently engineered and competitively priced. 

For a comprehensive list of healthcare facility equipment, contact us!







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