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Getting to the Best Equipment Solution

Bill Wickert - Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bill Wickert, offering best kitchen equipment solutions.Hi, I am excited to write this first blog for the SESCO web site. For those of you who follow our intent is to discuss the issues that you have to face every day as a dealer or an operator in the foodservice industry. I know it’s a mixed bag of issues. Foodservice dealers have their set of problems and the operators have their own set of problems….but they are very much the same. How do I serve my customers better and grow my business. One of the disconnects I see in our industry is the ability to get the customer into the best equipment solution. The internet sales network has greatly expanded and the end user uses that medium for research as well as making the purchase. The days of sitting down with a catalog and getting the customer into the “best” piece of equipment are long gone. Today’s operators do their research online and try to make the decisions on their own. Too often these buying decisions involve “best price” or to be blunt getting “the cheapest price”. The dealer wants to be “price competitive” but the end user wants “value”. Value is more than just the first cost…it means total cost of ownership. I don’t think that gets communicated well on the internet.

So I think our task will be to show you “Value” in equipment solutions

Let me give you an example. A manufacturer of ours has developed a new under-counter refrigerator that is very efficient. It costs about 10% more to purchase but will save that amount annually in energy savings alone. If somebody needs an under-counter refrigerator it is the winner….reliable, energy efficient….but it costs a few more dollars up front.

That message is difficult for the internet or a catalog to transmit….the customer will usually default to a “low price” alternative and not get true “value”. Accounts that rely on one to one approach with their customers are far more likely to get the “value” message out to the customer . Everybody wants to save energy….but if you want to sell energy efficient equipment it almost always has to be a person to person sale.

Our job will be to bring you these “killer” products to your attention, and there are a lot of them in refrigeration, dish washing equipment, and in the area of ovens and holding equipment.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Bill Wickert, CFSP

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