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SESCO On The Move

Bill Wickert - Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Big Move

May 23rd, the moving company descended on SESCO-Brook Park with several semi-trailers, box trucks, and about a dozen strong guys to dismantle SESCO BP, move it to the new location, and set up there. It was pretty exciting…basically we just stayed out of their way as they rolled in hundreds of dollies, and carts to move our furniture and office equipment away.

The office had been preparing for this day for several weeks pre-packing items not needed every day and numbering all boxes, bins, and carts to the assigned office. All of the furniture was tagged with a number. For example, if an office extension in Cleveland was 113, everything from that office was tagged 113. The office or cube in the new building was tagged with the same number, so the movers knew where to place the contents at the Valley Belt Road building.

Partitions came down in about 1 hour and were quickly loaded onto the waiting trucks. Filled trucks quickly went to the new location where the moving team assembled the partitions. In the warehouse equipment was being loaded throughout the week and taken to the new building where the rack system was waiting to be filled. The new parts racks are nearly 20’ high allowing us to stock the same amount of equipment in a smaller footprint. Mark, Frank, and Jim spent a lot of time laying out the racking to match equipment bin (min. max) requirements. Racks were labeled so our warehouse manager, Frank, would know where to put the equipment as it arrived. The warehouse is designed to allow equipment to flow much easier with no cross traffic, helping to expedite client orders much faster than before.

The new building has turned out beautiful. Lots of oohs and aahs about the space, the lighting, the colors, the carpeting, the bathrooms, the work out center, the shower, the conference room, the test kitchen and the new lunch room. Anyone who has the opportunity to visit will be duly impressed!

As we move into the warm days of summer, we are happy to say that everyone at SESCO has settled into their personal spaces and the collective areas of the building. Without missing a beat, we’ve continued to provide unparalleled service to our customers and now we are extremely excited to do so from our new facility in Independence, Ohio.



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